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The site

Chessstoreonline.com is an on-line shop of Italian Artisan Products, mostly chess pieces, chess boards and chess sets. All these products are completely handmade by Tuscan Handicraftsman. The artisans work by (using) progressive workmanship, following old traditions and workmanship, with high quality raw materials. The handicraftsmen work with the same care and passion from the old generation to the rising’s ones.

The brand

The brand “Chess Store On Line” is a property of 113 Viasantamaria srl (the short name is 113VSM). The Company sells handicrafted products from the 2005th, the year of the opening’s show room in Pisa, in Santa Maria 113B street, just two steps from the leaning tower and the Miracle Square of Pisa. The shop is already open and his business grows up. 113VSM is known as “The Chess Store” in Pisa, and also in the neighbouring cities.

The show room

punto vendita show room di Pisa Via Santa Maria

The show room has an ancient and original space, more than150 square meters. The bearing wall has the same age of the leaning tower and (where) all the showed chess sets seem to have found it’s “natural habitat”. They create, with the tufa’s wall of the shop (wich reminds of thePisa’s boundary wall) an “ancient atmosphere. From 2011, the chess store needs to “go out from the boundary Pisa’s wall” and have a look at the world of chess’s lovers, which don’t know us yet. So, 113VSM has tried to grow up his business by this e-commerce.

Customer service

Elena and Cornelia are the people who take care of you, of your needs, to clarify your doubts, to help you in making you know our craft products and follow you in the purchase.

Elena FrassiElena Frassi, Italian, Tuscan, living in Pisa from her birth, passionate about web marketing and photography with a natural predisposition for customer care, "I empathize with customers and I like to understand what attracted them to the site and what they like, without customers the site has no reason to exist, it is from them that I take inspiration to improve our offer. I share the philosophy of the company of investing in local craftsmanship, I believe in the beauty and uniqueness of the "handmade" and the added value that the craftsman puts in his every work through the use of his hands and his experience and creativity." She is the photographer of this' web site's photos: aks to her for any information and for use them! :-)

Cornelia StegmannCornelia Stegmann, German of origin, has been living in Italy for 25 years and works with ChessStoreOnline.com since its opening. It is the person who knows our products better, and who can provide assistance to the users of the site in German, being able to understand the needs, often intrinsic ones, of the requests. "I love working in tourism because it allows me to be with people. I am passionate about Tuscan history, languages ​​and craftsmanship, letting tourists know the beauties of Tuscan craftsmanship is a great joy for me as well as being part of my job. One of the most popular products in our shop are definitely artistic chess and we really have something for everyone. When a customer listens with pleasure and interest to my explanations on some historical hints, on the materials used and on the people who create these little works of art, then he buys a game and leaves the store happily after shaking my hand and maybe having exchanged the name ... Here, for me the customer does not just buy a product ... "

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