Rules to create your own Chess Set

Alle the rules to create your special combination of chess pieces and chess board.

If you are reading this page, probably, you are choosing a chess game or a chess set, complete by chess pieces and chess board, and you are thinking about:

"Which is the right size of chess men with the chess board I like very much?

Or perhaps,

“Which is the right size of chess board and chess pieces  to create my perfect chess game?

Here you have some simple rules by which you could realize your pleasant chess set, just to enjoy it and/or your well balanced chess set to play with.

If your intent is to create a match for a very particular furnishing accessory, an unique piece handmade by craftsmen, the unique rule to follow is:

The diameter of the king must be smaller than the chess board’s square.

If you prefer to create a chess set useful to play with it, there is a standard size but the FIDE (International Federation of Chess) allow to be a little flexible.

Usually, in a competition, chess board used may  have a square from 54,5 to56 millimeter  (2,1457 -2,2047 inches), and the chess pieces that match may have a king from 84 to100 millimeter  (3,3071 -3,9370 inches). The other pieces are proportionate.

This measures are realized according to a mathematic model where the height of the king is obtained by multiplying the size of the chess board’s square with a fixed number that’s 1,618. For all the curious about this number, the mathematicians call it “golden section (sezione aurea)”

Do you have any other doubts or question about your choice of the chess pieces or the chess board?

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- Fédération Internationale des Échecs – International Federation of Chess Game usually known as FIDE, it was founded in the 1924 in  Paris (France).

- FSI, is the Italian Federation of Chess Game, and it was founded in Varese in the 1920; now the headquarters is in Milan (Italy).