Guarantee of Quality of our Chess Sets by 113 Viasantamaria srl guarantees originality and authenticity of his products, which are the produce of innovation, ideas and research of particulars.

Our artisan supplier makes use of skilled workers in creations and manufacture of Tuscan and Italian handicrafted products sold on this e-commerce.

These artisans have developed their experience, know-how and craftsmanship during the years, by productions and manufacture of:

  • Handpainted alabaster and resin chess sets: the craftsman realizes the mould in gum from the little wax’s sculpture of each piece of the chess figures, that are fruit of the research and study of historical style and costume. A mix of alabaster, marble and resin is poured into these moulds to create each figure. This raw material is very ductile and versatile, so it’s possible to realize a lot of details. At the end, each figure is hand finished and hand painted by skilled workers educated by the craftsman.
  • Coloured and Natural Alabaster Chess Sets: our alabaster craftsman from Volterra (PI) process each little piece of alabaster by lathe. After each chess piece and square of the chess board is assembled to became an unique chess sets. The colours with synthetic aniline are make with a process called “autoclave immersion”.
  • Wooden chess boards and chess pieces, metal chess pieces and leatherette: they are made by lathe, piece by piece (wood and solid brass chess pieces) or by fusion (zama chess pieces). Wooden and erable chess boards are realized by inlaid process and paint by non-toxic varnish. The leatherette chess boards are realized by printing squares on synthetic leather with non toxic paint/varnish.

For all the reasons described above and for the craftsmanship developed in decennial work’s experience, each piece created is a unique product. Little differences had to be considered as a peculiarity of this handmade product, which are useful to create exclusive things, also for collections.

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