Terms of Purchase

The customer can purchase all the products listed and available on the on-line catalogue of Chessstoreonline.com at the moment of the order. Each products is described in it's own page of details; the base image and the others views are an example of the product and they can help the customer for his choice; we mean that the image could be different from the product for some details (colour, size, ...) because all our goods are handmade by craftsmen.

Vendita Scacchi will send an email (at the email address that the customer have specified on the order) as confirmation of the items purchased. If the customer don't wrote us about any wrong details, we will consider the order as correct.

In the email there will be: date and hour of the order, number of the order, and all data needed and inserted for the purchase. There will be also a special link for each product purchased, to make simpler the control of the order.

If the customer find any mistake in the order's email, he may inform Vendita Scacchi by email info@venditascacchi.it or by phone +39050554731 (Italy).

Chessstoreonline.com will fulfil an order within 3 working days (three) after receiving the payment.

If the product is not available at the moment of the order, Vendita Scacchi will contact the customer within 5 working days and will give his all details about the availibility of the goods. If necessary, Vendita Scacchi will refund the amount of the order or choice a different product according with the customer. This opportunity may be absolutely accorded with the customer.