Chess pieces Football (Soccer) Teams in hand-painted  alabaster and resin

Chess pieces Football (Soccer) Teams in hand-painted alabaster and resin

32 alabaster and resin handmade and hand painted chess pieces depicting the football game with two opposing teams you can choose from. King Height 3,54" diameter 1,18" (King Height 9 cm x 3 cm in diameter.)

  • Juventus
  • Milan
  • Inter
  • Fiorentina
  • Juventus
  • Milan
  • Fiorentina
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32 alabaster and resin hand made and hand painted chess pieces depicting the Soccer Teams.

Which ones? You can choose them!

Like all chess pieces in this category, you get to choose the two teams and create your own battle on your chessboard, or to play that game in your heart, or create improbable confrontation that you would love to see.

Here you can see some teams among the best known of the Italian league: in the pictures you can appreciate the King's details depicted as Captain holding up the cup and the Queen, the cheerleader with the team flag: the flag shows the name of the team, the horse is played with a contrast between players fighting for the ball, and the tower is the goalkeeper, who can parry the ball into the corner of the goal line.

The particularity of the pawn is that can be no hair and dark complexion, or with colored hair and fair-skinned, usually are assorted in the two types of all teams. All players have the numbers on their shirts, just like a real football team.

At the base of chess you notice an essential detail: the football field grass. The white base you see under the grass has a round cross-section (may be square according to the availability of the moment).

Didn’t find the teams you love among those that we offer to you? Contact us and we'll make your teams with your colors to play the match of your heart.

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