Chessboard leatherette ivory and brown inserted by hand

Chessboard leatherette ivory and brown inserted by hand

Chessboard in leatherette ivory and brown inserted by hand, handmade in Tuscany, for chess pieces and checkers. Available in two sizes.

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Chessboard produced by artisans in Tuscany by our master craftsmen with special processes what makes the surface very similar to the skin and shiny as a mirror; the color of ivory boxes give a special brightness that illuminates the combined game.

This coloring Ivory-Brown in the most classic one of this kind of chessboards, and it’s allows the most wide range of combinations with classic and artistic chesspieces, in metal and in wood, and in hand painted alabaster.

You can also appreciate the detail of the edge inserted by hand and decorated with a delicate ornamental motive different for the different sizes availbles. The back of the board can be honey-colored, or have the base for the backgammon game: depends on availability.

You can match the measure that more befits to your needs with the chesspieces that you like, to create your favorite set!

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