Chess Set With Chess Pieces "Cats and Dogs" in Alabaster and Resin Hand Painted and Box Container for Chess In Leatherette

Chess Set With Chess Pieces "Cats and Dogs" in Alabaster and Resin Hand Painted and Box Container for Chess In Leatherette

Chess Set with Chess pieces CATS AND DOGS in alabaster and resin Hand Painted and chess board with Box container for chess pieces in Leatherette with “Geographic Ancient Map”.

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A chess set with figures and board, completely hand made starting from the moment of the idea!

The result of many of your demands, this small chess set, complete with pieces, board and container, combines comfort, uniqueness and small size. It's the thing you can not miss in your daily game at home!.

This subject depicts CATS AND DOGS with its characters and typical details about this pets.

The chess pieces are made of alabaster and resin, there are hand painted with a brush, color by color. They have a size between cm 3 - 4,5 (1,18”-1,77”) with a diameter of cm 1 - 1,2 (0.39”-0,47”). Each game has two contrasting colors, decorated with gold and silver details, hand-painted, like all our chess figures. This makes it easier to identify the opposing characters.

The chessboard (cm 26 cm x cm 26 x high cm 1 - 10,24”x10,24”xh 0,39”) has an handmade finishing touch with an inserted border, resting on the top of the box, in which you can store the figures after the game (box size cm 28 x cm 28 X height cm 3,5 - 11,02”x11,02”xh 1,38”). The box container (3 cm - 1.18” height) is handmade in leatherette too, inside is a heat-sealed material covered with synthetic velvet and it has 32 slot, one for each chess piece. The square is cm 2,7 - 1.06”. The chess board is squared in brown/black and “geographic ancient map” colors.

To increase your fun even further, pieces for checkers and backgammon are INCLUDED! The back of the board is printed witha backgammon board.

They are wrapped in a carton box “chess theme” (cm 30 x cm 30 x height 4,5 cm - 11,81”x11,81”x h 1,77”) and we personalized it with famous phrases about chess world and by famous chess gamers.

We like to take care of everything, with special care to the content! :-)

Ps. Small imperfections can be seen as characteristic, since they are made by hand.

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Leatherette + Alabaster and resine hand painted
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