Chess board "Castle" brown with box container in albaster and resin and leatherlike with handpainted details

Chess board "Castle" brown with box container in albaster and resin and leatherlike with handpainted details

This chessboard is the perfect field game for all the historical battle depicted in our chess pieces games: a chessboard that look likes a medieval castle, with all hand painted details (brown and black), that make in evidence the castle's battlements and the wooden front door of the castle. And where you can store your soldiers - chess pieces "at the end of the battle."

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chessboard with a container for chess pieces definitely original, available in this unique dimension. A medieval Castle

It is made of alabaster and resin with the colors of the antique patina, in shades of brown. To embellish this version there are the details in dark brown, and the door in the color of wood.

With all the historical battles that we propose with our artisan chess, could a medieval castle be missing, the ideal place for such battles? An object without doubt original: here it is!

A reproduction that recalls the details of the huge wooden doors, the only access way to the castle and the towers, a strategic place for battles. In this version the castle takes up the color of the stone and the details are put even more in evidence with a color that highlights them compared to the remaining walls of the castle.

It is made of alabaster and resin and as the color and the antique patina, in shades of brown. The dimensions of the castle are: 38x38x5.5 cm in height. In the container under the chessboard, you can store chess pieces with a maximum size of 3,35" height (cm 8,5) x 1,81" (cm 3) diameter.

The game board is in leatherette with brown/black and light brown. The boxes in light brown have a reproduction of an ancient map, a particular details of this chessaboard. In the photos you can also notice the interior: in this case depicted in ocher with heat-sealed material covered in synthetic velvet: it may differ in color and material if necessary to accommodate chess that you want to combine more comfortably.

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